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How Thibaud Clément reached over 9000 customers with Loomly

Speak with and — most importantly — listen to your customers. Ask for their feedback. Learn about the use cases they need to solve, the bugs they encounter when using your product and the things they wish you would fix. And continuously improve from there.

Thibaud Clément is the CEO and Co-Founder of Loomly. Born and raised in France, graduated from Grenoble Ecole de Management (France) and the University of Ottawa (Canada).

After travelling the world studying innovative business models, he published a book about entrepreneurship and business, “Se Lancer Sans Attendre.”

Thibaud loves discussing and writing about marketing, e-commerce, SaaS, entrepreneurship, and the future of work.

Together with his spouse and business partner, Noémie, he launched four e-commerce, agency and technology businesses.

What’s Loomly?

Loomly is a Brand Success Platform. It helps marketing teams streamline collaboration, across the whole lifecycle. Things such as managing assets, managing ideas, producing content, and creating mockups.

I initially developed Loomly’s collaborative marketing software as an in-house solution to help our own team streamline digital content creation and publishing for our agency clients.

Encouraged by feedback from clients and peers, Loomly grew into a standalone entity in 2016.

Loomly’s journey

Loomly just celebrated its 5th birthday, and now serves over 9,000 marketing teams worldwide, and still growing at triple-digit annual revenue growth rate.

First users

Loomly was originally built by Thibaud for his spouse Noémie, and so he had a very tight feedback loop (I don’t think it gets any tighter than that). They used Loomly at first with their own clients, and then began to share it with social groups for feedback. Always refining based on feedback, the product continued to grow in user base.

One piece of advice

Thibaud’s greatest piece of advice is to be always speaking with, and listening to, your customers, at every stage of the journey.

Nowadays, we speak with 250+ users and customers every single day (through our chat, over mail and on social media) and we rigorously consign every single piece of insight they are kind enough to share with us in a dedicated document, so that we can act on it as we go.

No matter the traction you have, the size of your team or the scale of your revenue, make sure you never overlook this precious feedback loop: it's your best insurance policy to stay relevant.

From Thibaud

Consistency beats creativity every time. Whether you are growing a startup, building a brand online or investing for retirement, very few things will uniquely make or break your success: it's the sum of all the things you do, showing up day in, day out, that will compound and lead to your success over time.

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